Baja House
Vacation home
Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico

This project is located on the East Cape of Baja Mexico, 1000 miles south of the border and about 500 feet from the Sea of Cortez. The design of this home maximizes above grade viewing spaces and terraces while using structural elements to provide both utility and detail. All walls and floors of the home are concrete coated, insulated panels which provide substantial structural strength and insulation value. The window and door covers are movable panels which provide storm protection when down and shading devices in the open position. Coriso sticks are used with galvanized metal pipes as a playful reference to local palapa structures. Openings are carved in the concrete shell to provide sun protection and views. Concrete, aluminum, steel and palm woods are found in almost all homes built in the Baja. The arrangement of these traditional materials, in a manner respectful of the environmental conditions, seems fitting for a home on the Sea of Cortez.

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