B&C Cabinets
Retail and Warehouse
Helena, Montana

This building contains a cabinet showroom, sales office and warehouse with receiving facilities. It is located on a busy four lane highway that is lined with an assortment of retail, restaurants and office spaces. The buildings range from simple residential type structures to metal buildings with delta-ribbed siding to brick and steel commercial structures. The owners of B&C wanted their building to look both commercial and high quality as a fitting representation of their cabinetry business. The warehouse space is a clean and simple form aligned to accommodate a loading dock at the rear of the site. The form is wrapped with a high quality corrugated siding material applied horizontal to emphasize the form and reference a residential detail. The showroom space is oriented parallel to the street front for maximum exposure. The front fašade is a timber frame structure with fine woodworking details. A dark masonry wainscot provides a base for the timber frame and extends out into the site. Residential siding is used in panels at the timber frame and around the showroom, a material familiar to the residential clientele of the cabinet shop. The roof of the showroom is treated as a sculptural element lined with galvanized steel panels applied in a running bond, masonry pattern. All these familiar and high quality materials used in a non traditional manner give this project a comfortable yet challenging feel. Please note, these photos were taken while under construction in the summer of 2004. I will post new photos as they become available.

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